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Letter to the 820-AM Station Manager

The other day we received an email from the station manager at KUTR-820 AM, the Christian talk radio station in Utah. He had received the following letter that he wanted to share with us:


I absolutely love your radio station here in Utah.  I especially enjoy listening to Dr. David Jeremiah.  Many of your preachers are so inspiring and uplifting.  I have ordered many materials from Dr. Jeremiah and have had some of them sent to a prison in Texas.  

However, I am so disappointed in the "Viewpoint on Mormonism" show.  They say that they discuss the Mormon religion with respect and gentleness but they don't.  The only thing they do is spend their entire time downgrading and humiliating the beliefs of the Mormon people. Those people have the right to believe what they want.  Their teachings are sacred to them and no one should purposely broadcast what they think their faults are.

Our country is based on freedom of religion and I certainly do not think that this show is supportive of that Constitutional right.  In fact, it is not Christ-like and in my mind constitutes a hate crime.  It irritates me to hear these two men judge and demean the beliefs of the Mormons.  The Mormons do a lot of good in the world and are taught to be loving and law abiding citizens.  Who on earth would want to spend their time, money and energy on bringing down people?

Once in a while, one of the other preachers will make a subtle or slight comment about the Mormon religion but not anything as contradictory to the example of Christ as these two men do.  I would love to make a contribution to the station to support it but not as long as that program is on the air.  I totally support all of the other preachers that I listen to on this station but turn it off as soon as that program comes on.  I think it is a crying shame to think that they put themselves above the Mormons when they are trying to bring them down.  You will never hear a program from the Mormon people that sits and condemns people for their belief.

Your friend in Christ

(Name deleted)

The manager, Russ East, wrote this excellent response back (everything in original, including the highlighting):

Dear (Name deleted),
Thank you for your email. Ideally, I would like to talk with you over lunch in light of your email, but in lieu of that possibility I would like to preface our time together with the following points.
1. In your email I don't read any specifics that would back up your claim.
2. As Christians, we have a responsibility to and a Constitutional right to share our beliefs on the airwaves that would educate people as to what Mormonism teaches. Bill McKeever always backs up his claims with quotations from Mormon sources. On what basis are you saying that if I or a broadcaster determines something inaccurate, that we are not right in airing it. I don't understand your reasoning. Jesus announced to the public his disdain for the teachings of the Pharisees in the Gospels. 
3. Only 10% at best of our programming (such as Viewpoint on Mormonism) deals with the specific pertinent issues that many people in Utah are dealing with in this state. Such as, determining if Mormonism is accurate and whether it is the one true church as it claims. Viewpoint on Mormonism is an excellent ministry that is helping Mormons understand their need for the Jesus of the Bible, not the brother of Lucifer or an imaginary Jesus. 
4. 1 Nephi 14:9-10 in the Book of Mormon states: 
 And it came to pass that he said unto me: Look, and behold that great and abominable church, which is the mother of abominations, whose founder is the adevil.
 10 And he said unto me: Behold there are save atwo churches only; the one is the church of the Lamb of God, and the bother is the church of thecdevil; wherefore, dwhoso belongeth not to the church of the Lamb of God belongeth to that great church, which is the mother of abominations; and she is the ewhore of all the earth.

Terri, Viewpoint on Mormonism will point out that The Book of Mormon clearly teaches that if I am not a member of the LDS church that I am a part of the chuch of the devil, the mother of abominations, and the whore of all the earth.  I will not sit back and allow that because it is false.

5. Although your offer for a financial contribution is appreciated, making mention of it in the context of your email below lessens my respect for your gift. Because it hinges on Truth Broadcasting in essence accepting your funds in exchange for us dropping Viewpoint on Mormonism, it lowers your gift to more of a bribe than a gift. 
I do hope that you will contact Bill directly, or write back with some specifics as to where you think he has misrepresented your beliefs. I do care about you and pray you will realize the gravity of knowing if your sin has been forgiven and if you can state as assuredly as that you are a resident of Utah...that you have eternal life.
In closing, I write these things above in love, with sincerity.
Russ East
Station Manager

I think Russ is exactly right, that this potential "gift" coming with strings is nothing more than bribery. Bill and I do our very best during this 15-minute daily broadcast (aired twice a day) to be as respectful as we can, realizing that we're airing in the capitol of the Mormon religion. Of course, not everyone likes our message, but we say what we do with gentleness and respect. . I thought Russ laid out an excellent foundation for answering this person, who on the surface appears to be an Evangelical Christian who regularly listens to Christian radio. I bet she would be shocked to know that Bill and I attended David Jeremiah's church for many years. In fact, I served for many years as the Bible department head of the high school located on the very campus of Jeremiah's church! 

But that's not the kicker. Imagine our surprise when we did a quick search on Facebook and discovered that the name used in signing the original letter did not own the email address from where this post originated. Instead, the lady who wrote this (with a completely different name) is a known Mormon who regularly contributes on sites defending Mormonism. Is this not a shady way to disagree?

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