Saturday, November 27, 2010

A time for thanks

Of course, this is the time of year where we reflect on the many things we're thankful for. I'd like to submit my own list, as personal as it is, to thank so many I'm grateful for.

* For my wife Terri puts up with me and believes in me. Thanks, Terri, for your support in making our move
* For my children, who did not complain even though I took them out of their comfort zones. And I believe they're all better for it.
* For Bill and Tammy, who helped make going full-time into ministry possible. Without your support, this would have never worked.
* For dozens of friends and family members who are financially supporting us as well as providing prayer covering. It wasn't for them, too, this would have just been a dream instead of reality;
* For others on the MRM team: Aaron, Randy, Sharon. I look forward to what God will do through us
* For my parents for raising me and loving me so very much. No matter what, they are behind me, and I'm grateful
* For computers, because how did we ever get anything done before them?
* For my next door neighbor Kevin and his wife Renee, good people and very supportive even though we don't share the same spiritual views
* For my friend Craig, who has made sure I didn't just believe something in a lazy manner but was always challenging my thinking process
* For my students, many of whom I've kept in contact with over the years, and a number of have helped us financially in our move to Utah--I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to have taught more than 2,000 individuals during the past two decades
* For this nation, where we have so many freedoms we just take for granted. Just being able to worship in freedom is something I definitely cherish
* For my teachers whom I have learned much from over the years. Sometimes I disagreed with their conclusions, but I've appreciated the interaction. A special shout-out to Dr. Gordon Johnson, who has been a great encourager to me over the years. The way I preach sermons comes directly from your instruction
* For my dogs, who make me feel like I'm the most important person in the room. Yes, you may get into trouble and chew up library books, but hey, we've all got issues, don't we? You have taught me to be faithful, 100%
* For Don Freeman, who wrote Corduroy, a book that explains the gospel better than anything else I have seen, and it's done in such a simple way (the way it was meant to be shared)

And I thank you for reading my views about Life in Utah. Have a blessed Christmas (holy-day) season!


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